The Volunteer Center hosts Amplify Wilco – 24 Hours of Giving Kick Off

If you cant feed a hundred people, feed just one.”

Mother Theresa, said it best when she offered us the encouragement to begin each day by taking care of just one. A heart for service is a commitment to change the lives of others and to share what we have to care for the needs of individuals struggling in our community. I am honored to work with and encounter so many kind hearts giving back daily in our non profit community. 

In support of our collective non-profit needs, The Volunteer Center, a program of the Round Rock Area Serving Center, hosts and annual event for AMPLIFY Austin to support all non profits in Williamson County. This years event was also co-hosted by The Volunteer Center and Opportunities for Williamson & Burnett Counties~ Lauren McAndrews.  

Amplify ( is an online giving platform that allows donations to be matched up by the St. Davids Foundation in support of a non-profit mission. Every year The Volunteer Center kicks off Amplify Wilco to jump start the giving campaign for the Round Rock Area Serving Center and all non-profits in our county. Through social media engagement, events and funding matches – donors can make a difference in a big or small way during the 24 hour period. This year Amplify began on February 28, 2019 and ended on March 1, 2019. 

The Serving Center promotes the annual giving opportunity via Amplify.      i Live here i Give here (Amplify) by offering individuals the ability to click and #give2serve and donate directly to the Round Rock Area Serving Center. 

Our community event was exceptionally well received and well attended by individuals wanting to give back or volunteer and our many non profits, We had a blast during our fundraising event and welcomed special guests like, Jeremy Barclay, CEO of St. Davids Healthcare Round Rock, City Council members- Rene Flores and Matt Baker. Special thanks to the wonderful entertainment offered by the Tom Cottar Band #TomCottarRocks.

The Volunteer Center – Wilco event was also attended by over 21 other Wilco based non-profits and we celebrated together while launching the campaign for 2019. 

Thank you to all of the wonderful participants that came out to support our sponsors, partners and donors at our celebration at Mellow Mushroom in Round Rock. It was great to connect with students like Hannah & Jacob Jones with the Highly Effective Teen Program through The Volunteer Center and teachers like Rachel and Gareth Horwood (pictured) – who came out to donate and support The Volunteer Center.

Volunteers always make a difference and we were supported by Lee Bauermeister – long time volunteer for both The Volunteer Center and RRASC. 

The Serving Center – thanks to your generous donations -raised close to $20,000 this year with matching business partners like The Cares Alliance/ RJF Team Realty and a match donation by St. Davids Foundation.

We hope to see you all at our next years event and graciously thanks all the non-profit partners that are always collaborating for success. 

Donate to the Round Rock Area Serving Center

You can visit our donation page in the future at or by clicking the DONATE button on our website

A special thank you to many of our Serving Center volunteers and partners who were generous this year. Your donations will help to increase our program services and help care for individuals right in our community.

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Stay tuned for for next years event and follow us on facebook and instragam for updates. #give2serve