Volunteer at the Round Rock Area Serving Center

“Remember that the happiest people are not those  getting more, but those giving more.”  H. Jackson Brown

You know people say that you should, “do what makes you happy!” As we all know, that is not the easiest thing to accomplish. Often times, we are focused on success in our careers, our home life is stressful and our relationships can be a struggle. We are all confronted with thoughts like – what makes me happy? what is joy? how do I find balance? 

I believe that the first step is to understand what is lacking in your life, is it a purpose and how can this manifest joy and happiness. I have found that the place that we can we acquire true fulfillment is rooted in our need to serve others. Taking action is the key, allowing our purpose to flourish as we nurture our neighbors and those in need of our help. 

Over 20 years ago, I started volunteering at a local shelter and food pantry. I noticed that even on my hardest days, I would look at my life and think – you know compared to the people that are in true crisis – I was so lucky and I felt a sense of peace by offering my hand. Volunteering gets in your blood and I continued to understand my purpose and began working with victims of domestic violence and supported a non-profit advocating for individuals with epilepsy.  

After many years of volunteering I decided to change my career path altogether and I moved away from corporate America to support epilepsy awareness and advocate for patients like my daughter. This started to feed my spirit and I turned my volunteer time in to a full time non-profit advocacy position. I knew that I was motivated by faith and a commitment to help others. This new purpose gave light to balance and allowed me to become involved in service with my two children, which also increased our strength as a family.

The secret that I uncovered long ago was a life blessing. The more I gave to others, with others and shared time and treasure, the more joyful I felt inside.

Our purpose is personal and there is nothing more important than understanding that each one of us has the ability to truly change one person’s life or many. The gift I gained was from each person I met along the way that touched my life and helped to shape a future filled with hope, happiness, joy and purpose. 

Today is the day that you can find your purpose – it just takes one step, forward. You wont regret it. Share your light! #jenrayoflight #jenjones 


Give Back Today – Become a Volunteer

Abraham Lincoln said it best, To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own”.  

The Serving Center is primarily staffed by volunteers and they depend on wonderful volunteers to support the mission daily. They are supported by at least 250 people per month to operate the center.

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

Phone Receptionists, Client Receptionists, Casework Interviewers, Food Pantry Volunteers, Cashiers, Gardeners for Community Gardens, and Merchandise Sorters.

Volunteers are also needed to sort food donations, pick up food donations, tend gardens, restock food pantry shelves, drive the truck, pick up furniture, unload trucks, teach computer classes, refurbish computers, price merchandise in the store, merchandise items & data entry.

Volunteers must attend a volunteer orientation process which take place on a bi-monthly basis.  

What: New Volunteer Orientation

When: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month (registration is not necessary)

Time: 4 p.m.

Where: The Serving Center – 2nd Floor Conference Room

Once you are on board you can access the Volunteer Profile for hours and schedules.

Visit www.rrasc.org Volunteer page for more information

Call: 512.244.2431

Groups welcome!